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We are selling a WATERLESS CAR WASHING LIQUID that can reduce unemployment in our country by forming cooperatives or groups that can start washing customers' cars parked right in the CBD or car parks at shopping malls without making the environment dirty or wet.All you need is 200 ml of the liquid to wash the whole car and charging your customer only $5. No gloves, mask, water, spray needed.ONLY $10 PER LITRE thus you make a profit of $15 per litre that can wash 5 cars right in CBD IMAGINE
Contact Washy on 0712 750 833/ 0027 7897 44225 / 0027 12 771 3598
or email me on washie at OR sales at

16 November 2014


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Update :

hie im Tapiwa im interested in your waterless liquid please can i have more info for bulk purchases 4 October 2016 reply

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