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Tesa Fencing contact

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Tesa Fencing was formed to fill the need to locally manufacture palisade security fencing in Zimbabwe.
Our aim is to provide a top quality fence for both domestic and industrial use that not only provides high security, it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at
We specialize in 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.1m High Fencing. We can offer heights suitable to customer requirements. Standard Panel sizes range between 2m to 2.5m Spans. Spans can be manufactured to suit the customer requirements. Standard Pale gaps between pales are 115mm (160mm between centres). Smaller gaps between pales can be manufactured to suit customer requirements. Fencing Panels consist of 2 or 3 horizontal cross members (depending on height of fence) which are punched with a profiled slot which allows the vertical pales to slide through the cross member which is then crimped into place (therefore no welding on the panels).
Pales and Cross Members are made of Z275 Pre-Galvanized material and are not painted. This makes our palisade fencing maintenance free.
Posts are made of Black Steel and painted to the colour of your choice. Sliding and Swing gates can be manufactured to match the fence.

3 Cardiff Street, Belmont, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Phone: 72703
Email: sales at
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