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We can help you with all your importing needs from China. Our office in China can take care of all aspects of importing from product sourcing and supplier auditing through to delivery.

We have years of on the ground experience in both China and Africa. This understanding of both markets and cultures ensures that we deliver as per your requirement.

We can effectively assist you with all matters relating to buying and exporting from China. We can also check your goods pre-departure, negotiate with manufacturers, generate the necessary documents to ensure smooth delivery and make payment of goods once we are satisfied the supplier has filled his obligations. We can source a wide range of goods through various market channels from local wholesalers to manufacturers depending on the volume you require.
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Making Importing Easy

12 May 2012


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Hello My name is Keith Chipudhla i am a Zimbabwean currently living in China i would like some help . . 19 January 2016 reply

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